What I Do For You

Technology is a rapidly evolving concept, one hundred years ago if you told them that we could communicate face to face separated by thousands of miles they would have laughed at you and your impossible dreams. Because technology is always changing it can be hard to be aware of all the breakthrough technologies that have been released in recent years. I understand that keeping ahead of the curve is vital to many of our readers and I am dedicated to providing our readers with news on the latest and greatest technological breakthroughs. I scour the internet for news on technological breakthroughs and curate articles that will capture our readers attentions while making it easier for them to stay informed.

Why I Do It.

The information age has opened the floodgates to new technologies from all around the world, whether it is the NASA EM Drive or Chinese Worker Exoskeletons I will research, analyse, and articulate the functions of each of these technological marvels and attempt to explain why they work. Keeping up with the world is difficult, it seems that right after one breakthrough is made another ten quickly follow suit and as a result one is left scrambling to catch up. I want to eliminate the need for our readers to play “catch up” by providing a one stop blog for all of their technological needs.

What I Will Be Covering.

Technology is a rather broad category and therefore requires some refinement as to the exact fields that I will be covering. Our goal is to cover everything from consumer electronics to experimental propulsion systems of the future. By doing this I know I will have an article for every reader that visits our page. I work hard to find the news on the latest and greatest breakthroughs so that our readers won’t have to. I like to take a reader friendly approach to how I cover breakthrough technology, in the hopes that it will inspire more people to invest their time into understanding the future of technology.


Contact Us.

I love hearing from My readers! A website like this is a huge undertaking and I appreciate any questions, comments, and especially compliments. If you feel like you can contribute to this page with leads, articles, or even just a friendly suggestion I would love to hear them. You can find out more information on how to contact me at the Email Jason page